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Customized course content
Strong teaching staff
Visits of high-end institutions and exchange
Perfect service system
Professional translation team
Closed teaching environment
Special value-added services

  1. Interview training to ensure the pass rate;
  2. Training before the departure and description of overseas study, such as travel arrangements, immigration notes, preparation, security issues, business etiquette and business English;
  3. Providing each participate with the learning and itinerary manual and APP mobile software if necessary
  4. Review and evaluation of the courses after returning and providing an electronic courseware and commemorative CD to every participate;
  5. Course completion certificate of well-known foreign business school. The participates will be added into the list of alumni and share the global alumni resources;
  6. If the customer has the needs for overseas recruitment, Ever Green will contact the overseas partners for marketing and recruitment;
  7. Insurance going abroad
  8. Opening and graduation dinner
  9. One-stop service for leaning and travelling, most convenient full services for overseas training
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