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Lectures Introduction


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Hyung Peak
Hyung Peak has trading experiences of 16 years for asset securitization products and fixed income products. From 2004 to 2008, Mr Peak worked as managing director in Deutsche Bank and the director of department of asset securitization trade.
James Glassman
Mr James Glassman is the managing director of JP Morgan and the companys senior economist. Mr Glassman offers suggestions to JP Morgans chief investment officers, commercial banks, investment Banks and the government institutions. He also w
Jeff Hooke
Jeff Hooke is a prominent expert of investment banks in the financial and investment industry who has accumulated more than 30 years of experiences. Throughout his professional career, Jeff Hooke has worked for two major companies--Lehman Br
John Palicka
John Palicka, 25 years experiences in monetary management and small cap stocks in the world as well as new emerging markets, has been the president and investment manager of GEGC for seventeen consecutive year. Mr Palicka served Midco Invest
Ron Carleton
Ron Carleton, partner of Financial Training Partners, mainly focuses on subjects of corporate finance, credit exposure and other aspects related to security brokerage. Before joining the Financial Training Partners , Mr Carleton was a profes
Tim Delaney
Tim Delaney, partner of Financial Training Partners, mainly focuses on subjects of credit exposure, leveraged buyouts (LBO) and mezzanine financing. Before joining the Financial Training Partners , Mr Carleton was a professor at New York Uni
K.C.Klegar, 15 years of experience in asset management and hedge fund investments, once worked for Nomura Securities, Neuberger Berman (former asset management company of Lehman brothers) and Morgan Stanley. He is also the founder of Loxias
Richard Levine
Richard Levine,guest professor of Stern School of Business at New York University, member of Examine Committee of CFA Institute.
Wilfred Daye
Wilfred Daye, expert of hedge funds, derivatives and fixed income products. He worked once for UBS, Deutsche Bank, Lehman Brothers and Barclays in dealing with issues related to hedge funds and alternative investments.
Michael Weitzner
Michael Weitzner,23 years experiences in capital market, former senior manager of sales and trading department in Goldman Sachs.
David Mengle
David Mengle,general manager of Research Department of ISDA(International Swaps and Derivatives Association)
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